May 01st 2024

Press Release: UN Human Rights Chief Advocates for Reparations

UN Human Rights Chief Advocates for Reparations

London, United Kingdom – The Advocacy Team commends the recent statement by the UN Rights Chief, Volker Türk urging states to take action on slavery reparations, emphasising the imperative to address historical injustices. This call is a response to ongoing systemic inequalities stemming from the legacy of slavery.


Lorriann Robinson, The Advocacy Team Executive Director, stated:

“We stand in solidarity with this call to address the historical injustices inflicted upon millions who suffered under the brutal legacy of slavery. As the issue gains rightful attention, it’s crucial to consider the funding source. A recent report offers valuable insights into 14 financing options for reparations, which include addressing climate injustices in calling for loss and damage funds.


“As advocates for human rights and social justice, we stress the importance of access to resources for meaningful reparations. By leveraging insights from the report, governments and international organisations can take concrete steps towards fulfilling obligations to address colonial and slavery’s legacy and ensure justice for victims and their descendants.”


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