Sofia Pennacchietti



    Sofia Pennacchietti (She/Her) provides support with various projects, for a range of clients at the Advocacy Team. She is also an MSc Candidate in Human Rights (Sociology Department) at The London School of Economics and Political Science. Originally from Canada, Sofia completed her BAH with a dual degree in Political Studies and English Literature at Queen’s University at Kingston Ontario. Sofia has experience within equity and advocacy organisations, community outreach, marketing and social media development, and editing. Passionate about feminism, Sofia founded the General Membership program at Queen’s Feminist Leadership in Politics, which facilitates volunteering, advocacy, and educational opportunities for Queen’s students. In her academics, Sofia focuses on social and political theories and policy analysis, employing critical perspectives on legislative reform pertaining to social justice and human rights violations. Her research explores abortion accessibility issues in Canada, uncovering the history of religion, secularism, and law in the Canadian context. With a love for animals, Sofia is a dog mom to “Walter,” and since the age of 11, she has competitively ridden horses on various show jumping circuits in Canada and the United States. In her free time, she enjoys going to spin classes, and having a gin and tonic with friends.